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Pitch Books

An investment fund pitch book serves two purposes: it supports an in-person sales conversation, while also functioning as a takeaway document that can stand on its own without accompanying verbal context.


To maximize its impact, a pitch book should emphasize a firm's expertise, maintain simplicity and subtle redundancy in its key messages, exhibit clear authority and credibility of the fund manager, flow from page to page within a thoughtful narrative construct, and engage an investor's interest without "data dumping", creating distracting visual clutter, or overwhelming the senses.


Accomplishing such a feat is more art than science, and The Brock Group has over a decade of experience walking this line in order to deliver effective, valuable, and appealing marketing presentations. We apply an academic approach to maximize the persuasiveness of your pitch book - from content to design - with a laser focus on the audience's perspective and needs.


Let us help you create a pitch book that truly reflects your firm's unique strategy and offering.

Our Process:



Edit, Test & Refine



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