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Bespoke Marketing

There are many ways fund managers communicate with investors or prospective partners, from sharing monthly or quarterly updates, providing due diligence materials on an investor portal, or creating content that details a firm's story, strategy, and offering in an executive summary, video, or white paper.


To be effective, each piece of marketing material should have a specific purpose or goal, and be accompanied by concise, consistent, and well-crafted messages; otherwise, the information may serve more as a distraction and hinder overall marketing efforts.

The Brock Group works with clients to create such specialized, customized content that reflects a firm's niche, competitive positioning, and unique strategy. Leveraging platforms that make sense for your fund and target investors, we develop strategic marketing plans, manage projects, design graphics, bring in additional resources or providers as needed, and create effective and goal-oriented marketing content that resonates with investor audiences and inspires action.

Sample Bespoke Services:

  • Hourly consultations

  • Website content and design

  • Investor or due diligence portal content and design

  • Branding and identity construction

  • Video content development and execution

  • Executive summary content and design

  • White paper development and design

  • Monthly or quarterly report template

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