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Annual Meetings

Put simply, the annual investor meeting is a fundraising and due diligence event. Fund managers have to provide an informative and transparent update on their portfolios, while also engaging, educating, and exciting investors about the future of the firm and upcoming investment opportunities.


At The Brock Group, our primary goal is to help clients effectively highlight and deliver key messages and supporting content in an organized and sophisticated event format. We employ a tried-and-true annual meeting planning and production process that makes efficient use of a fund manager's time and energy.


Whether you've produced an annual investor meeting before, or have your first meeting coming up, we can help your firm manage the logistics, create the content, polish your presentation delivery, and execute a superior annual meeting that your investors will remember - from start to finish.


If a full-service package is not right for your firm, we also offer partial services dependent upon your particular strategic event needs. 

Sample Road Map:


  • Select date, time, and event location(s)

  • Choose vendors

  • Create registration site

  • Reserve transportation

  • Send meeting communications

  • Identify and invite guest speakers

  • Determine materials and/or gifts

+6 - 4 


prior to event



  • Conduct brainstorm of evidence-based key messages

  • Create narrative outline and draft agenda

  • Collect and organize data

  • Storyboard key content

  • Design slides - less is more

  • Develop supplementary content (video, etc.)

  • Practice presentation

4 - 2 
4 - 2 


prior to event


  • Finalize speaker roles

  • Confirm staffing and vendors

  • Communicate details to attendees

  • Set up on-site

  • Direct and supervise staff and presenters

  • Manage event flow

  • Issue LP survey

  • Break down event

2 - 0 


prior to event

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